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Norwegian Mobile Hospital and Disaster unit

Description NorHosp is a flexible medical emergency unit designed to meet demands in connection with surgical injuries as a result of various disasters and armed conflicts. NorHosp contains all instruments and equipment necessary for treatment of adults and children.
NorHosp can be complete and fully operational within 48 hours any place in the world provided adequate flight connections.
NorHosp can be delivered as a complete unit or module by module.

Delivery list:
  • Surgical module
  • Generator distrib. Central and Cables
  • Lighting Equipment for Hospital Tent
  • NorCare Bed, Stretcher system
  • Recovery Camp module
  • Surgical Supply Kit 100 - 10
  • Hospital / Health Center Shelter module
  • X-ray module
  • Medicament module
  • Hygiene module
  • Nursing module
  • Medical Officer module
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