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The company's aim
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Normeca has since its start in 1983 and until 1993 primarily been engaged in selling to the domestic health care market in Norway. The main areas have been anaesthesia, ICU, CCU and emergency care. Products have been imported primarily from Denmark, Sweden, Germany, England and USA.

Normeca has been the leading Norwegian supplier of anaesthesia machines and ventilators since 1983 and until around 2000. During most of these years our market share was approx. 90-97 %. Normeca was in many years the only company in Norway that was able to offer a complete range of gas-related medical equipment, from centralized gas supply systems to the tube in the patients' mouth.

For many years, Normeca had agreements with 65-70 % of the Norwegian hospitals for preventive maintenance on anaesthesia machines and ventilators. This is carried out once or twice per year depending on the specific requirements.

Normeca has had an extensive program of courses relating to anaesthesia and to a lesser extent heart monitoring. A total of approx. 2.300 doctors, nurses and medical-technical personnel have attended these courses. Our course "Safety during anaesthesia" was a part of a curriculum for anaesthesiologists in Norway. The course is today being arranged by the Norwegian Government.

In addition Normeca has arranged a number of seminars on field hospitals both in Norway and abroad. These have been attended by approx. 1.500 people. Local seminars has been held in countries like amongst others Japan, South Korea, China, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Great Britain, Portugal, U.S.A., Venezuela, Romania, Slovakia and Norway.

Today Normeca has become a disaster expert. Partly in cooperation with different NGOs and Governments around the world, amongst them the Japanese Red Cross, MSF, with more Normeca has delivered mobile and/or semi-permanent hospitals to disaster and/or war areas in countries like Albania, Kosovo, Pakistan, Thailand, Japan, Haiti, Indonesia and many more countries. The summer of 2010 Normeca built a semi-permanent (container based) Mother & Child Hospital for the Medicines Sans Frontiers (MSF) from Holland in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. In 2009 it delivered the two most sophisticated mobile hospitals in the world, to Saudi-Arabia's Ministry of Finance, for use at the annual Hajj in Mecca. The MultiSpace solution is our own design, based on expandable semitrailers.

The company's aim

The company's aim has changed substantially during the last years. Today its aim can be divided into categories as follows:

  • To export mobile- and semi-permanent hospitals, primarily to the world-wide "defence & emergency relief" markets.
  • The company's aim is to be a leader in the world within storing mobile hospital and mobile clinics on behalf of GO and NGO.
  • To export ambulances, ambulance boats and floating hospitals and clinics.
  • To provide complete management and administration program related to ambulance, hospital and clinic deliveries.
  • To sell medical equipment and disposables to the health care sector in Norway. Primary areas are anaesthesia, ICU, CCU, emergency areas and the operating theatre.
  • To develop as the leader of web shop in the field of medical equipment and disposables to doctor's office, nursing home, private health centres, etc. in Norway and later on in Sweden and Denmark.



Normeca has approximately 20 employees working at the HQ in Norway and around 60 employees in total around the world. Additional manpower is continuously recruited during the periods of construction of our projects around the world. During the Sudan project Normeca had more than 400 manpower assigned for this activity only. Normeca also holds a recruitment base of 8000 applications searching for project assignment. This data base contains records for a wide range of different professions; doctors, dentists, nurses, engineers, architects, plumbers, electricians, mechanics, carpenters etc.

Board Members:

Chairman: Mr. Tom E. Medalen, Lawyer
Members of the board: Mr. Ole Petter Bull, Financial consultant
  Mr. Knut Larsen, Management Consultant
  Mr. Leif Næss, Medical Doctor/Adviser
  Ms. Gina Karlsen, Field Operation Manager
CEO: Mr. Jan Karlsen
Export Manager: Mr. Rune Methi
Finance Manager: Mr. Roger Nordal
Bankers: Nordea
  Industry and Commerce Dept.
  2000 Lillestrøm
Insurance Company: IF... Insurance
  Woie Assurance
  Karoline Kristiansens vei 1 H
  0661 Oslo
  Account Officer: Mr. Olaus Woie
Auditor: Mr. Svein Leidland, CPA
  Nittedalsgaten 20
  2001 Lillestrøm